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Features & How It Works

Biscuit Tin is your own personal digital vault where you can organise, plan and store everything securely to be shared with those you nominate when you are no longer around.


Store all the key information about all your different types of accounts so it's all here in one place and easy to find. From financial accounts and Insurance policies to bills and subscriptions and digital accounts … store and organise all of them in your Biscuit Tin.


Keep track of any important documents that may be needed in the future by uploading digital copies and holding information about them in your Biscuit Tin.


Make sure all your wishes about anything and everything are known by recording them in your Biscuit Tin giving your Nominees peace of mind to deal with everything just as you wished.

Important Contacts

Store the contact details of all the people who can provide valuable support to your Nominees to help fulfil all your wishes and close down your affairs.

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